Kind to Yourself

Beckenham Primary School opened in 1912, celebrating its Centenary in 2012. The school is situated 12 km from Perth’s CBD on the Perth – Armadale train line.

The Beckenham Train Station opened in 1954 as Higham Station and in an earlier history, the school vision was, “Catch A Ride to Lifelong Learning”. Pictures of trains have adorned our verandahs for over a century. During the duration of this Business Plan, we will see the train station become part of the METRONET. There are plans for an elevated line with community spaces underneath. We are proud that our school community has contributed towards this vision, which will enhance our strong community partnerships.

Our school motto, “Share and Care,” embodies the values of tolerance, caring, understanding, thoughtfulness and selflessness which all contribute to a productive and harmonious school climate.

The school is fortunate in having a diverse student population with over 40 cultural groups represented.

Keep your fingers crossed the blue skies continue for our Cross Country Faction Carnival for students from Years 1 - 6 tomorrow! Please note that the running times listed are approximate and that awards will be presented at our next assembly on 14 June. ... See MoreSee Less
In order for drainage works to be completed as part of the Metronet project, the school has been informed that road closures will be put in place around the school from 10th June to early July. As you can see from the map, Bickley Road will remain open for traffic in both directions, but Railway Parade will only be open for traffic in one direction. For the most up to date information, please visit Works Victoria Park-Canning Level Crossing Removal ( appreciate your patience and shared responsibility for keeping our school community safe as we travel to and from school. ... See MoreSee Less
The internet has enabled students to learn, share and create like never before, but it has also become a space for cybercriminals to steal from others. Cybercriminals target all internet users, regardless of their age. Here are some top tips to reduce the cyber risks associated with you and your child's online activities. For more information, visit ... See MoreSee Less