In Mathematics at Beckenham Primary School the curriculum content and proficiencies are explicitly taught to develop a deeper understanding and the ability to apply these skills.  All planning, teaching and assessment tasks are completed in collaborative teams.  This ensures a whole-school approach to support student learning.

Effective Maths Lessons

All staff at Beckenham Primary School use effective maths lessons that include

Warm Ups/Daily Reviews – a tuning in activity focusing on fluency skills that are differentiated and linked to prior knowledge and teaching

Explicit Teaching (I Do) – investigating key mathematics topics, giving students the opportunity to construct mathematical ideas and develop thinking skills.

Modelled Teaching (We Do) – small group working on specific skills that are differentiated.

Independent Work (You Do) – differentiated activities that are linked to prior knowledge and skills so that understanding can be checked.

Plenary/Reflection – a time to share and reflect on what has been learnt.

In 2023, we introduced Bond Blocks as intervention in Years 2 to 4.  Bond Blocks uses evidence-based methodology to help build up foundation skills.

Whole School Assessments

At Beckenham Primary School we use the following to help inform our teaching

  • PAT
  • Basic Number Facts
  • Brightpath