About Us

P & C Association

Let’s CARE for our kids and school, while we SHARE the work and responsibility

The Beckenham Parents & Citizens Association (P&C) is run independently from the school by a dedicated team of volunteers. Membership is open to all family members, from parents and carers to grandparents, uncles and aunts, teachers and interested community members – all helpers are welcome.

The Beckenham Primary School P&C endeavours to:

  • Support the school
  • Promote parent participation
  • Encourage strong community support

Generally, supporting each other as a whole during our children’s learning years

This is accomplished by:

  • Connecting parents, citizens and students along with the teaching staff in a friendly manner that allows for open communication about developing school activities, issues.
  • Providing a friendly platform that allows discussion and debate
  • Organising events and activities to promote a sense of school community
  • Contributing to the school’s resources through various fundraising events and activities
  • Engaging as a team unit in ways to achieve these fundraising goals and then discussing ways to invest these funds to better our amazing school

Members of the P&C are all volunteers and appreciate a shared workload to help better our school by:

  • Assisting at school events and activities – like the school’s annual Sports Carnival, the national book week, ANZAC Day to name a few
  • Fundraising special events and activities such as;
    • Lunch time treats like – Wintner Warmers
    • Stalls for students to purchase special gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day and Christmas
    • Easter Raffles
    • Discos

The P&C also has a sub committee for the Year 6 Leavers, which helps to fundraise for the Graduation Luncheon. The group do this by hosting coffee sales at all formal assemblies, random icypole lunch time treats for all students and a delicious cake stall at the sports carnival. With plans for more events to help reduce the cost of this milestone event for students.

Being a member of the P&C doesn’t have to be time consuming, we hold our AGM within the first week of term one, where the committee elite is selected for the year and then attempts to meet up at least twice a term, in a friendly atmosphere where all members are welcome to participate.

As mentioned, anyone can join the P&C and we welcome any community member who would like to help lighten the load in any way. You may only have a spare hour or two, you may not be able to help regularly, yet all help is welcome. Just simply come along when you can – its more the merrier to brighten our students school memories.

The 2023 P&C Committee Elite:

PresidentDanielle Boucher
Vice-PresidentKelly Pinkard
SecretaryLiz Hannen
TreasurerSarah Midolo