The Health curriculum teaches students how to be a healthy and active member of the community, by providing experiences that enhance students’ understanding of the personal and social benefits of living a healthy, active and fulfilling life.

At Beckenham Primary School, we have adopted a whole school approach as we acknowledge the importance of student wellbeing and resilience to improve learning outcomes. Students learn how to enhance their own and others’ health, safety and wellbeing by developing the knowledge, understanding and skills to make decisions and responsible life choices, communicate effectively to develop respectful relationships, identify and manage risks in a variety of situations and take action to strengthen their sense of personal identity.


At Beckenham Primary school we embed our schools shared values: 6 Kind of Best into our daily classroom and school routines and procedures. Developing good values give us a framework to guide our conscience and help us to make good choices. Students are taught lessons each year on each of these values and are continuously reminded about them through whole school approaches.

Beckenham Primary School utilises the School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA) resources to build our students’ resilience and awareness of road safety and age appropriate drug education. Along with this every year students take part in Protective Behaviours. Protective Behaviours is a personal safety program that teaches children skills and strategies to identify and respond to a range of unsafe situations.

The program aims to prevent abuse, reduce violence and promote safety and wellbeing. Focusing on developing life skills of empowerment, self awareness, emotional intelligence, problem solving, persistence, assertiveness and help seeking.
In 2023, we introduced Aussie Optimism as a whole school approach to help promote positive mental health in our students. Aussie Optimism helps to develop social skills, emotional competency, resilience as well as teaching self-regulating and coping skills and strategies.