386 Railway Parade
Beckenham WA 6107
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0409 687 220

School Hours

8:50am School Day Commences

11:05am first break

11:30-11:45am eating

1:35pm second break

3:00pm School Finishes

Students are supervised in the undercover area between 8:10am and 8:30am. Students should not be on school premises BEFORE 8:10am. Students move to supervised classroom from 8:30am.

Students should not remain at school after 3:00pm as adequate teacher supervision cannot be provided.

Students arriving after the siren must sign in at the office and obtain a late pass to present to the class teacher.

Visitors must report to the school office and sign the visitors book and obtain a badge.

If you require further information, or would like to discuss, we invite
you to get in touch with us.

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